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led letter sign

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3D front lit letter sign is also known as LED light-emitting words. It is an advertising sign cast by liquid polymer materials, which has high light transmission efficiency, strong outdoor weather resistance, UV protection, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof Advertising signs. The colour of the number can be selected at will according to the needs of customers, and it has the characteristics of deficient power consumption of the light source and strong visibility. The light source is a combination of international advanced LED technology, which is the ideal replacement product for modern outdoor lighting projects. The surface of the resin word is formed by pouring and solidification, because its surface is generally convex like water drops, and the lightening effect also has a slight three-dimensional increase, plus its material factors, so the surface is crystal clear. The three-dimensional sense and image of the entire logo are excellent.3D front lit letter sign can be used in a variety of applications, from reception signs, retail signs, corporate signs, architectural signs, restaurant signs, office signs and almost any internal and external environment.

Additional information


Shop/bank/hotel/shopping mall/company/building etc.


The stainless-steel perimeter is baked and painted with resin. Built-in LED light, 5MMPVC back cover.

Light source

LED light, LED module or RGB LED light


logo, Signs, channel letters, etc


Front lit



Power source




Working temperature

-20 °C ~ 60 °C 

LED life time

> 50,000 hrs

Average lifetime without any errors

> 10,000 hrs



What is the max size?
The max size is not limited.
What is the minimum size?
The mini size is not less 10mm for letters sign.
What is the thickness?
Can it uses for outdoor?
Yes, it is. if you use to outdoor, pls let me know that we can do waterproof.
How many styles install the letters sign indoor or outdoor?
The mounting method can be fixed directly on the wall or fixed on the door with a boom. 5.what is product process?
What is product process?
The stainless-steel perimeter is baked and painted with resin. Built-in LED light, 5MMPVC back cover.
How long will it take?
About 2-3weeks.
Can you customize all color?
Yes, we can. pls provide the corresponding PANTONG color number.
Can you do colorful logo?
Yes, our process is UV printing.
What is the voltage?
What is the packaging?
We use wooden box.
What is warranty?
2 years.


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