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Stainless steel luminous characters, using titanium metal wire drawing technology to plate gold on the stainless steel surface, can be coated with a layer of black rose gold, titanium gold, mirror and silver wire drawing effect, through the LED luminous surface to make the drawing material more upscale and textured, so many brand doors This typeface can be used for head shop recruiting, reception desk signs, retail signs, restaurant signs, and outdoor advertising signs. The lines on the brushed alphabet of stainless steel luminous characters are very clear, simple, and durable, which can make it change Blunt and mirror effects.






The acrylic on the surface of neon characters can be made into various RGB colours. The corresponding RGB light bar is used to illuminate it, and it can also be made uniformly white. The built-in RGB lightbar displays different colours. You can introduce two different styles below. The hemisphere design on the surface of the neon characters makes the entire logo line smooth. Neon characters can be used as advertising logo signs, reception signs, retail signs, company signs, architectural signs, restaurant signs and almost any internal and external environment. More and more customers are used to decorating an indoor environment.






Frosted acrylic sign is excellent, this kind of acrylic sign is displayed at the entrance of the enterprise, it will catch more people’s eyes. Three-dimensional design will make your brand more vivid and LED lights will further expand visibility even at night. If you decide to use these letters inside the enterprise, it will create a more professional and refined atmosphere for your business environment. Ultimately, You will attract more customers, which will make frosted acrylic signs a valuable and vital investment. We can provide you with unique customized solutions for 3D logos.